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Drug Coated PTA Balloon Catheter

       ZENFLusion Drug Coated PTA Balloon Catheter


         The ZENFLUXION Drug Coated PTA Balloon Catheter is a versatile and effective PAD treatment 

         option and available on the 0.014", 0.018" and 0.035" balloon catheter platforms.

         The ZENFluxion DCB drug dose of paclitaxel is 3μg/mm2.

        UltraFreeTM Coating Technology

          · UltraFree  Coating Technology effectively controls paclitaxel crystallization process, resulting
            in a uniform and stable microcrystal drug coating.

          · Particle size distribution test results show that 75% of the particles related are in 5-10μm range.

          · The integrated UltraFree coating prevents the early drug flaking during the procedure 
            preparation and the device tracking.

          · UltraFree coating quickly disintegrates into microcrystalline particles at the lesion site and
            allows rapid drug transfer to the arterial wall.

          · The effective drug tissue concentration at the lesion site lasts for more than 90 days.

          More options with the clinically proven balloon platforms

          Low entry profile and excellent cross ability

          Advanced push ability

          Long balloon lengths up to 220mm

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