Zylox Medical Device Co.

PTA Balloon Catheter

The broadest Range of Sizes

· provides the most comprehensive solution for below-the knee (BTK) lesions

Advanced Crossability and Pushability

· contribute to outstanding balloon performances

Long lengths up to 220mm

· the design of long tapered tip enables you to achieve satisfactory outcomes for the most

 difficult distal lesions

Low Entry Profile and Excellent Flexibility

· conform the product to various anatomies and natural vessel tortuosity

Low Profile Introducer Sheath

· results in lower possibility of puncture trauma

Specially-Processed Delivery System

· reduces kinking, achieves a greater pushability and allows you to treat your patients more 


Excellent 6 wings Folding and Refolding

· guarantee low crossing profile, and with durable Hydrophilic coating, and optimize balloon crossability

Score-Flex Balloon Material

· reduces balloon wall thickness without compromising RBP and enhances kink resistance

          The ZENFlow PTA Balloon Catheter is a versatile and effective PAD treatment option and 

          available on the 0.014", 0.018" and 0.035" balloon catheter.


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